Res. Off. J. Clyburn #105  
Res. Off. S. Brewer  #149
Res. Off. T. Lauer #138
Res. Off. A. Perez #150             
Garrett Police Department: Reserve Unit
The Garrett Police Department’s Reserve Unit is a dedicated team of officers.
With every reserve officer having a regular job and a family, they take special time
out of their busy lives to operate as Law Enforcement Officers for our growing
town. The members of our reserve unit have many years of training and
experience working in law enforcement. The main goal of the reserve unit is to
help and support the full-time officers within their duties. Each reserve officer is
licensed and regulated through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. The
Reserve Unit is strictly a volunteer program and no officer in the program, is
compensated or paid by the City of Garrett or the Police Department.